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Woodworking for woodworking

It was necessary to equip a product with legs, the order of their production looks so:

Many owners of private houses or spacious apartments reflect on installation of a billiard table in one of rooms. Such decision will allow to brighten up any holiday or it is simple to organize pleasant rest in the amicable company.

Racks can be equipped with rubber slips or rollers that they did not scratch a floor, and the table could be moved easily.

The most optimum option for production of a basis of a table is wood. This material is rather strong, durable and ecologically pure that is important for many fans of natural furniture.

Depends on quality of the chosen rubber not only the striking power, but also sphere rebound force that is important in professional billiards. Therefore the joiner can choose option cheaper, but subsequently he should get used to rebound force.

Thus thickness of material has to make not less than 18-20 mm. At desire it is possible to take thickness, but it should be taken into account, as table weight thus considerably will increase.

At a stage of a choice of materials for production of a billiard table it is important to remember that wood and cloth have to be the most wearproof. It will allow to prolong terms of operation of furniture.

Metal brackets and grids which on them fasten have to become the integral element of each billiard pocket. Here it is important to remember force of blow of a sphere in a bracket and probabilities of damage of thin brackets. Therefore there are two options:

If use of spheres with a diameter of 60 millimeters is supposed, height of a board has to make about 37 millimeters.

The main thing – the nobility, what materials it is necessary to choose and that is required for the correct assembly.

Whetstones from a natural tree have to be integral. Thanks to it there will be no probability of hit in a basis of dust, moisture and dirt which in turn can become the reason of fast damage of furniture.

For those who wishes to save on purchase of a tree, it is possible to use alternative option which consists in replacement of wood by LDSP. This material is not so durable, however in an interior looks not less beautifully. It is possible to make of LDSP:

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