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The standard sizes – 160 by 80 cm, the bed has height of 40 cm.

Such beds not really big, their length – to 90 cm, and width – to 50 cm because of what are suitable only for babies.

Usually cradles have no details which are in a zone of reach of the kid, are upholstered with soft and safe material. Beds cradles fasten to a ceiling or to a floor, but from the point of view of safety the floor furniture is optimum.

The berth is taken by the size of 120 by 60 cm, and sidewalls should not exceed 95 cm. As a rule, the lower provision of a mattress is limited 30 cm, top – 50 cm.

They differ in the small sizes (97 by 55 cm), take not enough place, and height can be regulated under own requirements.

More than a decade ago the range provided two-three standard models in different color schemes. Modern mummies can choose a berth for the kid, leaning on a set of parameters: existence or lack of castors or the pendular mechanism, age of the child or even number of children (there are beds for two). Let's consider different options.

At this model the sidewall has to be removed, the bottom is regulated, and situation at a bed of parents is fixed that excludes possibility of a detachment.

The side can fall or be removed that gives to children the chance independently to get into a bed. Legs can be steady, have runners for an ukachivaniye (when this function stops being actual, runners are fixed in order to avoid a turning). Many models have the boxes for storage of children's things which are below or sideways.

Paramount value for a crib has safety. It is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects: