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Small woodworking projects for the garden I quit my job to build a porch swing frame

Leonid Kulikov: Already reached. But it and back will also be pulled out?

I saw somewhere this box, I will not find photo current in any way - all thorns identical. ++ They by the way and such happen: ;) ;)

Well, et tozh from kindergarten ^)... Zapilena whetstones from an end face parallel pro-saws, on a diagonal, it is relative to corners of a square or a rectangle....

a little more difficult, but principle same ps. it is not badly made, accurately

Here probably lateral side of a spline propeller. Too for a show off)))

there is an illusion that the thorn "stops by" in a groove in parallel (puzzle), and in practice "comes around" as on the funicular, under an inclination, rising to the top plane. What does the kindergarten mean?! Oleg, and show more cunning connection.

Still interesting connection to reproduce unfortunately there is no time, but on an old frame it is rather not bad visible, too there is a swallow, interesting piece for a framework, it is possible to collect without glue. Views from all planes: If to drip gluing, it is almost impossible to sort

To connect two corners, clearly, under 45 gr. here a box? The box gathers in the same way under 45 on diagonals, most likely different thorns on corners of the last assembly

at the expense of a thorn bevel, rises on a place (width that a constant at the lower plane of a thorn with a swallow). it is possible to nachirikat and without the second thorn, but it seems to me so more interestingly

It is possible more simply, Ivan to explain: Everything enters and leaves at an angle... :D

The lower plane of a groove under a spline and the spline - an inclined plane concerning a product side. The spline when calling a groove "emerges". If to look from the opposite side, - there thickness of a spline either is more, or it is less

ak: a little more difficult, but principle same ps. it is not badly made, accurately