Woodworking Ideas For Making Christmas Presents

30 ideas for the woodworking beginner 18 ideas for under $500

LDSP and its analogs are widely used at production of cases on a balcony. Material is characterized by durability, a practicality, reliability, resistance to external factors and simplicity in leaving. It not goryuch also provides good thermal control.

At a material choice for production of the case or built-in case on a loggia it is necessary to consider a special microclimate of the room for which the increased humidity and temperature fluctuations are characteristic. The unprotected raw materials are not capable to provide long operation of a design. The case for a balcony can be made of a natural tree, LDSP, plastic and metal.

It is possible to reduce the price of a wooden design by finishing of a facade of a case lining. In this case it is better to use wood of deciduous breeds. Material can be painted in any color, having given it the corresponding style that visually display a photo of cases on a balcony from lining.

The plastic case quite practical also differs in durability, moisture-proofness, simplicity in leaving

Negative sides of plastic are low resistance of material to mechanical influences, dominance submissiveness of a sunlight that can lead to burning out and loss of brightness of a product.

However, that the product did not lose the appearance and kept good operational characteristics, wood has to be processed by the special structure providing moisture resistance of a design. The big weight, massiveness and high cost belong to other shortcomings of material.

It is possible to make a case framework of gypsum cardboard. Material is not afraid of moisture influence, is not inclined to deformation changes, easy in installation, is simple in processing and painting. However gypsum cardboard does not differ in the high durability and crash-worthiness. Such design is not capable to sustain big weight.