Woodworking Ideas For Less Than 100

Make a simple outdoor chair with only $100

My acquaintance to Jonah began on a second-hand market at the old man Larionycha's canopy. At our first conversation Jonah Petrovich with properties inhuman, and exclusively belonging to the uniform all-powerful Lord struck me.

To it all of anything. At any time and on any affairs, in any direction, anywhere. Such brisk it yes brisk, persistent — tailless.

— Never at you, Ion, not a stiver not, and the knowing person can rob you thousands on three. It is so much in you sight.

Each person has the destiny. And to everyone this destiny also orders to put on a cassock or a uniform frock coat, want or do not want. But will not obey which, to be lost to it and to stand at a golodayevsky tavern with the handle.

And the city, you know, what at us? The whole day down the street anybody will also not pass. Occasionally barbos polkanovskiya will run — and windows will open to look at it. And only in the evening, hours per nine, officials go who to club, who to a tavern. Yes in the morning in early hour of the cook run on a market.

— He is a person useful, but after all here do not let it.

— Ioshechka, an angel, spul what manuscript, we will freshen the nip.

His patron, the chairman of the archival commission Sakhnopsky, used to say:

Jonah Petrovich Bogolepov of people special and destiny its special, it is not counted.