Woodworking Ideas For Beginning Woodworkers

Intro to make a solid wood bookshelf

This inaccuracy in sizes of details will be corrected by connection cleaning from the inside after pasting.

In the mechanized production dimensional adjustment tsepnodolbezhny and drilling pazovalnykh machines is done also on width of a grooving chain or diameter of a drill which approach the demanded width of a nest or groove closer.

7. It is desirable to carry out a marking by means of razmetochny templates.

General rules of performance of a marking soyedineniy.1. The used razmetochny tool has to be in full serviceability and is well prepared for work; it is impossible to use even blunted karandashom.2.

It is necessary to mark details, ostroganny under a ruler, in a corner and in the size (under a surface gage), 3. Identical details it is necessary to mark everything together, having laid them in the squeezed row with the leveled end faces; the clip is made in a workbench or a clamp with application of linings in places szhatiya.4.

The distance between risks will be equal to chisel width; the nest chosen on such marking or an eye and the developed thorn of adjustment will not demand. The size of width of the chosen chisel has to be the next to the demanded width of a nest or eye.

Marking of knitting of whetstones. Whetstones at which thorns have to be developed, put in a row on a workbench, level their ends and impose on them across nested whetstone on a square so that there was an allowance for an otortsovka of the marked whetstones.

Upon transition to a marking a surface gage on the opposite side the detail is overturned through an end face (not through an edge).

At observance of this rule connection will be correct even in case details are planed in the size not quite precisely.

Templates apply at an identical marking of a significant amount of identical details. At a marking of a small number of details application of a template does not justify expenses of work and time for its production.