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Besides, landing of an apricot in an open ground demands a certain preparation of the earth. It is best of all to plant a tree to the easy loamy soil with the neutral or alkalescent environment. It is necessary to be engaged in its preparation in advance:

The apricot traditionally is considered the southern fruit-tree growing in warm climate in gardens, parks and even on roadsides of roads. In regions of a midland and northern areas treat idea of its landing with care since are afraid that the thermophilic plant will not get accustomed in quite severe climate. Actually, the apricot proved as rather unpretentious in leaving, frost-resistant culture long ago. As it is correct to put an apricot that it not only got accustomed, but also yielded a good harvest, article will tell.

Terms of landing of a tree are defined by the concrete region. The closer it is located to the North, the earlier begin cultivation of an apricot: approximately from the middle of April to the first of May. In the southern areas it is put at the beginning of October that saplings took roots prior to the beginning of cold weather. In middle latitudes it is possible to begin landing as in the spring, and in the fall.

The choice of saplings also deserves special attention. Upon purchase consider the next moments:

That the krone kept a beautiful look, it is necessary to carry out 2-3 scraps every season:

In gardens apricots usually put according to the scheme 5×5 of m and form roundish kroner. But in the conditions of standard giving it is possible to plant at most three trees. Distance between them it is necessary to leave 3-4 meters, considering that in process of growth of their krone will be closed all the same. The grown bushes of an apricot take a lot of place, their roots soak up all moisture from the next beds.