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Thus, before buying a set of joiner's tools, you need to be defined, will be the minimum set enough, or the professional set is necessary. It is not excluded that set of this sort can be collected independently, buying in addition these or those tools independently, however purchase of such option will become more convenient, including at the price.

For work with the materials, objects and details executed from a tree the special, corresponding to it tools are used. It can be tools for a marking, a cut, draft and fair processing of a tree and so on. Actually, for convenience such tools unite in the whole sets of joiner's tools. Such set is convenient to that all adaptations entering it will be suitable for work with a tree therefore in this article we will closer consider, we will learn to choose, and also we learn as well as to what to buy a set of the joiner's tool.

Therefore, tools which this two types of a profession use, are a little different. So, as a part of a joiner's tool kit the measuring, razmetochny, cutting tools, tools for fair processing and so on enter. Let's consider main types of joiner's sets which exist on sale today.

Set of the joiner's PREMIUM tools. Is completely professional set for the joiner as everything is included in his package that can be necessary for work with a tree and wooden surfaces. Before that it should be noted, it that all this set holds in a convenient tool case.

In any private house there are many situations for which permission the good joiner's tool would be suitable. In the modern market of the tool it is possible to buy both a beautiful and useless fake, and very qualitative, professionally verified joiner's accessories. For houseworks it is possible to pick up a small workshop, it is enough to know the certain rules and the main requirements imposed to the tool, to its device, a form, sharpening and balancing.

- and also knife and construction level (length of 300 mm).