Woodworking How To Make A Kneeling Chair

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Technology of opening by a varnish of wooden surfaces rather simple especially as it is in details described in the instruction on use.

After the design is strengthened and ground, it can be painted. In this case usual paint which can hide some defects of all design and especially old chairs will approach. It is necessary only to cut out the sheet of plywood, to lay on it foam rubber and to fit any fabric. Thus, it is necessary to consider that fact that the bench, will stand generally on the street to the cold weather. Therefore, it is better to stop the choice, for example, on a leather substitute. Anyway, material has to be moisture-proof.

At the reasonable owner any material has the value. The garden furniture can be made without problems from cargo a pallet. And, it is not required to sort them especially: from one pallets the back, and is made of another – a seat mat. It is necessary only to think over of what to make armrests and legs.

If such plans are not present, it is possible to process simply carefully wooden elements an emery paper then the bench is simply painted with any paint, any color.

It is better to watch video as any bench independently, with the minimum tool kit and is made of the most improvised materials from a tree.

Further – necessarily. If there is a wish to have upholstered furniture, it is enough to get foam rubber, to cut out a necessary piece and to sheathe moisture resistant material. In the same way it is possible to arrive and with a back.

The second paletta fastens to back racks, and on both sides – plates for armrests.