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Assembly of a two-story children's bed begins with the lower circle, the bedfoot and a headboard connect by means of boards of the bearing frame screws. On a berth cross laths and holders of a mattress keep within, for more dense installation the last need to be filed in corners. They are not fixed. Assembly of the second floor is similar to the first.

The ladder and protections fasten to a bed by means of screws. If to do protections in addition from a wall, it will be necessary to make four more levels.

Handrail of a protection is the usual processed board. A ladder handrail – the processed board with selection under installation on a bed. Places for steps of a ladder are marked so that their screws did not get on screws the beds intended for fastening to a framework.

After all stages, wood can be painted and opened with a varnish, all the children's bunk bed is ready.