Woodworking For Wood Pallets

10 how to make mirror stand out of pallet wood

This interesting and in too time quite simple decision which can have some options. It is possible to arrive as follows:

If to show a little imagination, even the simple, at first sight, product will become quite unusual

The most suitable material for production of a bench, and also pieces of furniture in general is the tree. It is distinguished by some favorable properties:

Classical option, you will not think up a design more simply. Look how to make a bench of boards the hands. Two benches require only three boards, two 10 x 2 3 m long and one 2 x 6 3,65 m long, and also a box from 10 cm by laid on screws and 3 liters of paint.

The wooden bench is capable not only to emphasize the created interior, but also to become the excellent vacation spot

Step 4: Previously drill two openings on both parties of each board and fix a flooring.

Step 6: Twirl on two screws in each foot through a bench frame.

Step 1: Make a frame for the top part of a bench, having created a rectangle. Use angular clips to hold a frame on a place and drill two through openings in each corner. Add the deck screw to each opening.

Step 2: Put impregnation. Paint a frame and other boards.

The convenient garden wooden bench with a back and a box perfectly will be suitable not only for rest, but also for storage of watering hoses, pots, tools and other stock.

If existence of a back is supposed, it is possible to adhere to such scheme of works:

Perhaps, it is possible to call this option classical and also very simple. The drawings given below will help you to understand everything.