Woodworking For Kitchen

Top 100 arch designs for a mudroom

Choose identical branches on thickness and height. For a basis of an interesting hand-made article from a tree it is possible to use the ready shelf. Then:

Make what is not enough in your house, up to small and useful things: a hanger, a tray, a chopping board, a vase or the holder for a fir-tree.

If do not know that to make of a tree the hands, the nature will wise up to you. Choose material from which will create. It is possible to make of branches not only a hanger, an ikebana, but also an unusual doll.

If you never worked with wood, follow the step-by-step instruction of production of easy hand-made articles from a tree.

Think, it is very difficult? Present to mother, try to make hand-made articles of a tree the hands. For the beginning masters we prepared detailed instructions.

The summer season opens the new period of creativity. Do not hurry to root out foozles, turn them into fantastic beings.

Process of production is more difficult, more time and materials will be required. Such hanger regiment can be placed in a corridor, bring a variety style of the apartment a design hand-made article from a tree the hands.

Before getting to work, collect dry and strong branches of the small size in the yard. Wash out and dry a tree within a day. For safety of the subsequent operation process branches a special varnish for.

Workshop, huge number of tools, varnishes and paints – it is optional to complicate a task, there is a way easier. The main thing – availability of material, a cutting torch and polishing.

Before production draw the sketch. Transfer drawing from paper to a tree and cut out unique subjects of a decor.

Such way will keep natural texture of a tree. Further act according to the plan:

When affairs on a kitchen garden becomes less, find time to construct a lodge on a tree for children or