Woodworking For A Screw

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Pay attention to appearance of details of a ladder. It is known that producers of a parquet from a massive board divide the products on appearance grades:

Preparation under the column navershiya which is stuck together from lamels.

For what such wastefulness to the famous producer?, – to make wooden chairs on classical, checked for centuries and therefore highly valued a thorn - grooving technology.

In end it would be desirable to give the most important advice: be convinced of reliability and professionalism of the manufacturer of your future ladder.

To use in ladders expensive massif of a radial cut with ideal appearance – it is extremely zealous and expensive. There are accepted (both for the buyer, and for the producer) options of reasonable economy:

So, what such the qualitative furniture board used in production of ladders?

— MDF: Not the most beautiful material, but it was available for me in a large number.

— cedar: soft material, granularity does not bring trouble, lines are shown well, but the gradient turns out hardly noticeable.

lays down on a thin screw: such fastening will collapse sooner or later.

The German producer of glue guarantees durability of a glued seam above, than durability of the wood. That is: the more than glue seams – the product is stronger. And the less wooden lamel – the is more than glue seams, so, is more hi-tech, all ladder is stronger and more reliable.

In detail about a thorn - grooving connection of details of a ladder we already told.

Oak hand-rail. It is gathered from a glued multystoried furniture board. A guarantee of preservation of geometry in the most severe conditions of operation.

If you look at a ladder detail end face (for example, steps), you will see the lamels from a massive board which are carefully adjusted to each other and stuck together on high-quality glue.