Woodwork For Packing

Woodworking for wood pallets

Wood has to be previously well dried. Otherwise after completion of process of production on the sun can warp all design. It will make impossible operation of a garden bench.

Important: after impregnation was executed, it is necessary to varnish a bench. It is desirable to use the special varnish intended for operation on the street capable to transfer temperature differences.

It is not less important to pick up a tree with suitable sizes. It will allow to minimize processing – the most part of time is spent just for adjustment of the sizes of separate details.

It is very important to use the high-quality and reliable measuring tool. Otherwise the product as a result can turn out asymmetrical.

When all stages of work are planned on paper, it is necessary to prepare necessary tools. If the garden bench is made by the hands of a usual tree, the following subjects will be required: