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5 tools to select drill bits

For production of a bed it is necessary to get materials, accessories, to prepare tools which will help with work:

Steps represent boxes for storage of various things. The option is especially convenient if this party of a design is located end-to-end to a wall. Otherwise can make changes, having made steps whole, thus in their free end face to make doors for a small case as is one photo higher. Thus, you without special expenses will be able to increase a useful area for storage.

For a reliable fastening of details together with screws or nails use glue, grease contact surfaces before connection. After installation by surely damp sponge wipe surplus of glue, differently finishing finishing will not cover a wood surface evenly, the product will turn out inaccurate.

We cut levels and with a step to 10 cm on width of a mattress we attach to levels with an emphasis two self-tapping screws. Openings under fixture become covered with hard putty, and subsequently, are ground.

The same process is duplicated and on other leg. If not esthetic joint is formed, it mask a board, fixing on self-tapping screws.

If you already have a ready metal framework, you can facilitate a problem of creation of the basis under a mattress. Otherwise continue work.

It is possible to upholster a product with fabric just for decoration, in advance having made a pattern couple centimeters bigger, than the sizes of details. Material is leveled to avoid bubbles, and fastens the furniture stapler. Such option will harmoniously look on a bed for the girl the hands.

In total. We needed to connect backs and a basis under a mattress. Our bed which we made for the kid the hands is ready!

Address in a specialized workshop or prepare independently details of future children's bed.

The framework covering a varnish can also be carried to ways of finishing. It is for this purpose recommended to use products which quickly dry. All details zashkurivatsya and polished.

It is possible to paint a bed with special paint just for decoration which is safe for the person.

In extreme levels it is necessary to make cuts under bed legs.

We take two boards of 5*10 cm on mattress length, on self-tapping screws and glue we fix a level which is 10 cm shorter. Closer to edge we drill openings. Hats have to be completely hidden as a result.