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It is important! Before beginning direct assembly, it is necessary to process carefully boards that they laid down then exactly without cracks.

Will be to look once as the master performs this work enough, and you will make everything in the same way.

It becomes usually in two stages where direct assembly of a framework and installation of a table-top enters.

When the different garbage starts getting and be hammered into table-top cavities, it disturbs work and in general gives not an esthetic look to all table.

And to apply nagel or bolts it is not recommended as they can put damages to working preparations. Usually such damages are put with heads of bolts.

Many who never worked with joiner's glue and clamps, consider it as rather difficult business, but it not so.

Important! From the very beginning of works and before their full completion it is necessary to control strictly installation of details and their adjustment. It is best of all to use construction level for this purpose.

Therefore it will be much simpler most to make a rectangular emphasis with convenient regulation which will be able reliably to fix the most various details.

For assembly you will need a lot of joiner's glue and clamps which need to be put on all places where glue was used. It will help better joining of connections.

All process on production of a joiner's table the hands will consist of several stages.

There are some options on production of a table-top. We will consider when it is made of thick boards.

Important! Do not forget to provide special dredging in an end face which can be used for installation of a vice.