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Packing boxes for beginners 01 Cheap and easy DIY bench for under $75

Before knitting boards vystragivat on thickness and width, put in couples edges aflush (for forward and back walls of a box in one couple, for the lateral — in another), clamp the put couples of boards clamps and in such look otortsovyvat in a given size. On otortsovanny boards do a marking of thorns and eyes.

Marking knitting of whetstones on which internal edges the facet or a kalevka will be selected, it is necessary to provide the smaller width of a thorn and its smaller length from a sampling. The eye is marked according to the thorn sizes.

At a marking all this is designated by the corresponding risks.

At knitting of the whetstones having on the one hand a fold, the thorn from a fold is done one size shorter, equal to fold width. In this case at a marking carry out corresponding to risk on three parties of spiked whetstone. If the whetstones having folds from both parties knit, all thorn do width folds shorter.

Depth of eyes is drawn on a ruler or a surface gage to a marking of their parties.

Marking of knitting of boards. Boards stick together from allotments, fugovanny on edges; one layer of allotments is planed on the fugovalny machine. So do in order that there were no big pro-scales in the stuck together board as removal of big pro-scales not only demands additional expenses of work and time, but also increases wood withdrawal in shaving.

For transfer risok on the adjacent and opposite sides whetstone is turned on a template the corresponding surfaces.