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It is necessary to pick up two enamels differing in the color and a consistence. After primary coloring of a tree it is dried up. Further the second layer is put, but more liquid paint for this purpose undertakes. When also this layer gets stronger, timber on separate sites is exposed to processing by a skin with a fine grain. As the result – a ragged surface because in these parts starts appearing more dark paint.

Preliminary processing is made by an emery paper with an abrasive of large fractions.

Patirovaniye. More difficult kind of chemical aging in realization, but also wood looks much more magnificently, as much as possible imitating antiques. A technique essence in shading the time which opened in the course of machining against other surface.

It is necessary to face such need everywhere. If the subject of furniture served some time, and on a separate site or on all area there were defects, the initial decor is lost, it is eliminated rather easily, the hands. In principle, this technology is the ode from kinds of aging of a tree.

The tree is processed by wood stain. But not any, and it is obligatory on the basis of water. After it was succeeded to achieve necessary color of wood, the structure is partially washed away (it is desirable a damp soft sponge). It becomes not on all surface, and in its median part. As a result of edge remain more dark that is characteristic for old wood.

Any work as the hands means existence at least of the minimum experience. Therefore quite often it is impossible to achieve due result. How to be?

The author reminds that in article only the simplest are designated in realization by the hands ways of an artificial sostarivaniye of a tree. Them, also as well as the used tools, preparations, there is a lot of. But if the sense of all technological operations is clear, it is simple to develop also own technique. Specifics of work and local conditions will prompt as as it is more expedient to make.

Feature – this technology of aging is suitable only for breeds deciduous. Their structure contains the substances called by the tannic. They cause wood darkening.