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Having prepared all necessary tools and materials, and also having carefully studied drawings of a joiner's workbench, it is necessary to make all details of a design. The circular saw will be suitable for cutting of wood and plywood. After that the face part that edges of all elements were smooth is surely ground. It not only will simplify assembly process, but also will allow to avoid problems with joining of details.

Being guided by the drawing of a design, it is necessary to make all details, necessary for its assembly. The general sizes of a workbench are made in this case by 175 cm (length) and 76 cm (width). A distinctive feature of this table is the three-layer cover which possesses the raised stock of rigidity and durability. The top and lower level is made of a plywood leaf with a smooth surface. The average layer of a table-top – type-setting, it is formed of boards.

Important! Between boards in an average layer of a table-top it is necessary to leave a gap. This space is necessary in order that the carving core could rotate freely.

To collect the workbench basis, it is necessary to fix a frame and the support plate

It is important! If indoors there are windows or ventilation is provided, there can be drafts. It is not recommended to place a workbench in a zone of their action as it can cause problems with a neck and a back, and also with the muscles warmed in the course of work.