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– The most labor-consuming action in museum life — is installation — Tatyana admits. — Installation of an exhibition — physical and intellectual activity. Releases only after opening.

– I was born and all life I live in Karelia, – Tatyana answers, – and I consider that if breathe this air, all Karelian in your life already is by itself. Especially as I spent all childhood in the village. My mother always with a piety treated all Karelian. One of her favourite poets, by the way, Yaakko Rugoyev. She loved, sitting with us at a cup of tea, penetrating to recite its verses. Mother seeded kind seeds on the kind soil.

– The exposition which you created, includes also history of our city. How presence of Petrozavodsk is designated in your life?

Irina Yurevna Vinokurova gave to their course lectures on ethnography, in focus of its researches there were Veps. She suggested Tatyana to investigate a subject of the Karelian medical magic.