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In an ideal any self-made locker over a toilet bowl has to meet several simple requirements.

The wood-shaving plate laminated from both parties attracts only with simplicity of finishing of a ready construction: in effect, the manufacturer needs to paste over end faces of details with an edging tape. With moisture resistance at it everything is sad; about any resistance to deformation the speech too does not go — for shelves over 30 centimeters long of a stiffening rib are obligatory.

For connection of details from the integral massif not self-tapping screws or nails, and put on nagela glue are used. For production of the nagely strong breeds of a tree (from inexpensive the birch quite will approach) are used; glues it is better to use the natural: casein or albuminovy.

Very strong and durable case behind a toilet bowl in a toilet can be made of plywood.

As option, for shelves it is possible to use thin plywood on a framework from whetstone.

The concrete design to the reader will be prompted by his creative talent; the author will concentrate on technical problems of construction.

One of the main problems of the city apartment — an eternal lack of a place. Uncountable detergents, tools, screws, nails, spare cranes to the mixer and other household trifles promptly fill cases and regiments. Today we will get acquainted with several simple designs of the toilet lockers capable partially to solve this problem.

Wooden locker. The wall is gathered from lining, a door — from a thin lath.

It is possible to make very esthetic open regiments of moisture resistant gypsum cardboard.

Besides: the toilet, a bathroom and kitchen is more often than other rooms are exposed to floodings at accidents.

It is desirable that another incident did not force the owner to do capital repairs.