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How to build lockers for the garden

Optimum thickness of a plate — 1,6 cm. It is better to make a cover thicker — 2,8 cm and 44 cm by 40 cm in size.

Bottom of a box and its back wall it is made of less expensive material DVP, with the following sizes:

So, having chosen pleasant to you a varia nt pr an ikrovatny curbstone and adhering to councils for acquisition of necessary materials, and also recommendations about production, you the hands will be able to give a magnificent gift to yourself and to relatives, having decorated the, slightly cloyed interior.

In transit ready details from a workshop, do not allow their blows about a body of the car or. For this purpose the car body (a bottom and sides) can be imposed with foam rubber, and to connect elements of a design between itself.

The size of a product is the important parameter defining a design of a curbstone and design of the room. The curbstone which is occupying all free space and standing end-to-end to other subjects of a situation causes inconveniences in use and considerably to spoil a general view of the room. Also in the spacious room narrow and too low bedside table not really esthetically looks.

Now it is necessary to cut out preparations by previously determined sizes. For simplification of work it is possible to make at first a curbstone of a cardboard leaf and to use it as a cliche.

Also direct influence on a choice of height and the size of a bedside table renders a room interior. There should not be a big resonance concerning height of a curbstone and a bed.

Pasting of an edge and installation of accessories is made.