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Wood. Soft breed, for example, a pine will be suitable for production of an underframe. But for boards and legs it is necessary to use only heavy and strong breeds — an oak, a larch, a beech, a hornbeam. In total no more than 0,3 cubes of well dried wood have to leave.

That the table looked more noble, it is possible to install decorative panels under its boards, to process all wooden visible surfaces and to paint over them, or to open with a varnish.

There is not a lot of work and it does not differ in special complexity, and the demand is always. The main thing — to know some nuances of production.

For someone billiards — is lifestyle, for someone sport, for someone business, and for someone an occasion to meet friends, to chat and pleasantly to spend time.

To choose production option not to us therefore we will pass at once to business, and the first that it is necessary — to pick up the correct materials.

Having learned to do billiard tables by the hands, it is possible to receive not simply a qualitative and correct table at home but if incurs, it can turn into quite good business.