Where To Select Drill Bits

Making bedinge chair no1 with ecosa Workbench with free model and cutlist

The number of legs should not be less than on 2 pieces under each vertical partition.

There is some theory on production of a curbstone for an aquarium the hands, and the example with a photo the report will go further.

Having a little understood from the short theory I will show you a photo the report on the curbstone made by me for an aquarium on 70 liters made the hands.

The table-top and bottom of a curbstone to me were covered BY PVC with an edge from all directions. It became PVC an edge, but not melamine in order that the casual drops of water which got on an end face of a table-top and a bottom did not soak a chipboard.

First of all I dealt with curbstone dimensions, 600420420.

Made the drawing of a curbstone in the BASIS FURNITURE MAKER program to receive the sizes of all panels from a chipboard and quickly to count approximate costs of this of a chipboard. This program can be found in the Internet, it is easy in understanding and will help you to line quickly curbstones and cases of any designs, BUT it is possible to do easily and without it!

At first it is necessary to make the sketch of your future curbstone on paper, the sizes have to proceed from the following parameters:

After you dealt with dimensions of a curbstone it is necessary to solve quantity of internal vertical partitions and doors. Here especially you should not be worn out, on each 30-40 cm of length of a curbstone put an additional vertical partition. The truth if aquarium depth that it is desirable for chipboard to use about 50 cm 22 mm are not thinner.