What Can You Do With Storage Drawers Easy

How to build an epic work desk for under $75 What can you do with minimal tools

Do not forget to process wood a protective antiseptic.

One more option of a bench which will precisely please your children, is a sandbox with a cover.

The even beginning master can be engaged in such bench. It is necessary to build a wooden flooring between two boxes. More simply — it is simple not where. Boxes are filled with the earth and there favourite plants land. The green corner made in such a way will decorate any country site.

Fans of violent blossoming surround themselves in the flowers everywhere. For them it is possible to recommend to make a bench — a bed.

The garden bench can be made and in the form of a swing. Such option if you have children is especially actual, it will obviously please them.

Council! Before striking blows of a sledge hammer to material enclose from above an unnecessary cut of a board, it will prevent damage of a surface of material.

Such bench will decorate with the hands from natural material any garden and will not create a gap in your purse.

Pay special attention to preparation of support for a seat. Before cutting out execute the corresponding marking for simplification of a task.

Spink of such bench can make of a log of smaller diameter. For fastening of a back it is possible to use metal elements or behind absence to take the wooden.

Prepare all necessary tools and materials and it is possible to begin. It will be necessary for you:

Let's consider for a start option of a simple bench from a tree.

Bench with a back option, undoubtedly, more convenient, than than a shop. Also it is not necessary to think that to make the hands such more difficult. It is possible to create, for example, a bench with a back the hands in style ethno of an integral log.