What Can You Do With Hardwood

How to build a wooden box with plywood

Idea in the convenient room of a table a leg under a sofa and long evening tea drinking to a pressure with the laptop. The second idea in horizontal placement of a table on a floor for eating of an Asian zhrachka in primordial style.

For a small framework (a table-top and a leg) zapilit profile end faces under 45 degrees and started collecting on magnets and tacks.

Diagonals were naturally in passing surely measured.

The framework decided to do of a square profile. Counted length. In this little table there were nearly six meters of metal rolling.

Welded one, smoothed out seams. On a photo it and preparations for the second.

Well it is also actually welded the last seams, we smooth out and the frame is ready.

Metal dug out from under blockages, and cut in the size.

Unfortunately the photo in vertical situation is already not present, and I cannot make because the woman became former.

Well, than the child would not play, ABBA of the did not do, quite good idea, I thought and went to a workshop.