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How to make a desk with wood

Azure — this decorative transparent means painting and emphasizing structure of a tree and protecting it from harmful effects. Azure coverings can be different: for example, in a ruler of the producer of Belinka there are 4 azures for different needs and scopes of application: Lasur and Toplasur, Interier and Exterier.

That is these concepts are a little vague, words impregnation and wood stain can be synonyms, but sometimes it is essentially different materials. The situation is an azure and oil with terms more simply.

Wood stain — this substance with which process wood for change of its color, giving of certain decorative, protective or grounding characteristics. Thus wood stain often call also the substances which are carrying out only one of the listed functions.

Cleaning of metal designs peskostruy. Application in the construction sphere

And here you need to process some wooden surface. It is simple to get confused in offers, after all different producers often under the same name offer absolutely different structures.

Oil for a tree — this usual natural (read: safe) oil, sometimes with an additive mineral which is applied to protection of a tree without change of its natural look. Oils are irreplaceable for such hardly processed strong breeds of wood as: oak, tic, larch.

Impregnation — this any means with which impregnate wood for improvement and preservation of its properties. It is so possible to call anything: from antiseptics, urged to protect a tree from biodefeats, to the substance giving color — after all all these structures impregnate a tree.

At least once in life everyone will face that it will be necessary to buy floor varnish, to recolour regiments or a table-top, to update appearance of a wooden door. If with usual paints and varnishes everything is more or less clear, to orient in all antiseptics, soil and impregnations moreover and different producers, very difficult.

Azures are pleasant to me — most that for a tree. On those who covers a tree with the covering material, I look with surprise. At himself Toplazur used on a lodge, a HK azure on an arbor. Everything is ideal, only update.