Watch Me Build An Easy Desk Made From Scrap

7 essential power tools for the beginning diyer Scrap wood projects for DIY projects

It will consist of 10 levels (4 – for a back wall, on 3 – on lateral) which will be connected by couple of rectangular frames.

Work will require a hammer and mount. That damages of a tree were minimum, boards are recommended to be weakened in the beginning, using a chisel. By the way, the electric saber saw perfectly will be suitable for dismantle – its edge on metal should be inserted along connection of boards to cut the nails connecting them. After that nails can be removed with ease, in time as wood will practically not deteriorate.

Certainly, instead of old pallets it is possible to use and new timber, but bedside table cost because of it will strongly increase. Therefore we begin this instruction with analysis of the pallet.

Step 9. So the facades painted in one layer with handles look.

Step 15. Facades fasten to boxes. After that the motionless facade for what couple of furniture corners is used fastens.

For minimization of expenses at production of a bedside table it is possible to take pallets from under construction materials. They (pallets) can be not only wooden, but also metal, plastic.

Collected boxes have to look approximately as follows.

Step 14. Further openings under self-tapping screws by means of which facades of boxes will be fixed are drilled.

Details of boxes fasten self-tapping screws under which openings by a thin drill were made previously.

Step 12. The bottom of each box for what the stapler is used fastens. On the one hand the bottom fastens aflush while from the others it is leveled so that to avoid distortions.

Step 13. After that boxes fasten to the directing.

Pallets have many standard sizes, but are often used only 2:

Step 8. Further openings are drilled. It is worth remembering that they have to be strict in the middle, and therefore it is necessary work very attentively.

On a note! If to speak about glue, PVA is better to give preference – it dries quickly, connection provides strong, and at expression with ease is removed.