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That the bed ideally fitted into a room interior for children, it is required to think over where it is best of all to place it in advance. It is required to consider the sizes of berths that there was an opportunity to understand, what amount of material should be got. The following materials will be necessary for work:

The bunk children's bed can be issued in the form of the piracy ship. For this purpose it is possible to add such elements as a strong rope, a hill and a wheel.

The bunk bed issued in one style with other elements of furniture perfectly supplements an interior.

Today people rather often make furniture the hands. If in a family two children to save a place in a nursery, it is possible to make or get a children's bunk bed.

The tree can be replaced laminated by a chipboard. If nevertheless it is planned to use boards, before performance of all works it is required to sustain them in the room about 1 week that temperature and humidity were approximately as in the room where the design will be made. It is required to be made in order that material was not jarred on.

To determine the suitable height of a bed, it is necessary to consider ceiling height indoors. It is necessary to consider also distance between lower and top floors. It is required to leave such quantity of a place that there was an opportunity to sit down to mother by the child if necessary.

Also triple bunk beds are in certain cases made, but builders do not recommend it to do.

Independently to make a bed for children which will have two floors, the following tools are necessary:

The scheme of a bunk bed with the built-in table and regiments.

Well the bunk bed issued in classical style is in harmony with an interior.

Assembly of a bed the hands needs to be carried out accurately because the design will be an important component of a nursery.