Unique Idea From Wooden Beams 2

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For production of basic elements of a design (a table-top, boards and legs) the mahogany, an oak and an ash-tree are considered as the best materials. Tables also do of soft breeds, such as an alder and a linden. Their quality and cost is respectively lower.

Further we should make the same that became in earlier described option. Therefore we do a soft covering of a table-top and we do a banner by cloth.

After that we need to make a table-top and to divide it into some parts – sheets which will lay a billiard table.

In this case we need a usual table which at desire we can independently make. Such table to turn out significantly less, than the traditional option, but it for us a problem will not be.

Each of them wishes to have such pleasure at home, but its purchase not by all on a pocket. Whether in power to make a table for billiards independently? The answer – yes.

That the bearing design had high rigidity, it has to have at least three stiffening ribs.

Operations procedure on production of the supporting framework which will represent a lattice from wooden whetstones 50100 millimeters thick, following:

We add a framework with billiard pockets further. Now there is a most interesting – on a framework we need to make grooves under fastenings of our second table-top which will lay our billiard table and to do it lunch, for example.

Such option is especially interesting to inhabitants of apartments which want the house to be engaged in the hobby, but thus try to use space competently.