Understanding Workbenches For Small Space

Using jigs to build

Properties of wood at each breed of a tree are individual, anyway, any low-quality board (bar), it is possible to cut out or use not on the most responsible sites of works, having closed up any errors.

Material which is used at all stages of construction and any finishing. From a huge choice of wood (on grades, age, time of cutting and a place of growth) used at construction, it is always possible to find necessary in a form, a way of processing (manually or passed machine processing), to operational characteristics and service life. On the heatpreserving qualities and noise-absorbing, the tree is on the first place, advancing both a brick with a stone, and many innovative materials, and using special processing, the risk of ignition, at everyone the pluses significantly decreases:

Laying of an okladny, banding or first wreath – a basis for equal construction of walls therefore, the more often to verify its horizontal position, the result will be more qualitative. The first bar keeps within on the insulation layer and in addition fastens on the hairpins (in vain, but many do not do it, considering that under huge weight the first layer definitely will not move) which are built in in the base. The following in the order of a log in a felling is fixed nagelyam (a wooden nail or the metal probe). Each cutting of a bar – some kind of joining of boards or carpentry connection at which one of elements of a design settles down (is fixed) in other, and each master uses the way. It is important to watch angular connection, they I provide solidity of the wooden house.