Top 3 Amazing Ideas For The Garden

How to build DIY accent wall for living room

It was the prototype. Now I would change an internal design - system of grooves and openings under shkant, the way of cutting of thorns on boxes - made a little differently. The first option, of course, too turned out strong, but there is no wish to spread it.

Here beznesmeny with fat rage. Give a stool with boxes to them

The stool height has 50 centimeters (instead of standard 42). In the usual house it will approach unless for playing music for a piano – there just such height is necessary.

and it would be still interesting to learn about total cost.

thing amusing, but the phrase about "valuable breeds of birch plywood" ulybnut

Good design. Here only, when at you the house a small group of small kids, these boxes will instantly get and be cleaned by the malyshny. So there serious not to put anything. Alas.

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