Top 100 Arch Designs For Wood Screws

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Independently to make a bench for a country site, we will decide on its parameters. Length of a seat and back will make 1,5 meters for placement of three people. Bench height – 4,5 meters, seat width – 0,4 meters, back height – 0,9 meters. It will settle down at an angle 18-20 degrees.

Bench design. The bench usually is made of a wooden bar for 2-4 people therefore it has to be strong and reliable. Generally shops can be two options: stationary and figurative. The first look assumes static fastening to the basis: filling by concrete, digging in to the earth, strong connection with a floor. The second look has the big area of a support, or the center of gravity displaced down.

Council: The bench from a bar is influenced by influence of environment, in particular rainfall. Therefore we recommend wooden parts to cover with antiseptic and waterproof structures, and then to put a protective layer: paint, varnish, etc. At stationary types of shops of a leg it is necessary to cover with a waterproofing layer (pitch, mastic).

3. Shops of the increased complexity. They not only carry out the direct function, but also serve as decorative decoration of the territory.

Competent arrangement of the territory of a country site in many respects provides comfortable stay on it. The bench from a wooden bar is an interior subject, and also decoration of composition of a garden. To make a bench of a bar the hands does not provide great difficulties, it is only worth deciding on its look and to give flight to the imaginations.

2. Shops with a back. Serve for adoption of more convenient provision;

1. Simple shops. Their mission is short-term rest;