Top 100 Arch Designs For Under 75

Bed side table with only $100 Using jigs to make a basic box

Fixing of a seat will be the finishing step in the course of production of a bench. It is fixed on a design by means of special self-tapping screws. To avoid emergence of decay, self-tapping screws should be deepened slightly. The place of deepening krepezhy needs to be covered with special hard putty. That's all – the fine bench for a waiting room is ready. Process of production of a bench for a sweating room slightly more difficult will also take a little more time.

The first need to make a product framework. Then it is necessary to attach the prepared, ground laths to a framework at distance about 1 centimeter. The gap is very important as, first, at interaction with water wood will slightly extend, and, secondly, it will allow to flow down to water on a floor. For connection it is possible to use wooden nails, nagelyam or self-tapping screws. Designs in some circles are made in the similar way.

It is possible to make any design of a shop for the bathing room easily and simply the hands. For this purpose it is enough to study the instruction and to show a little imagination and sharpnesses. Before production it is necessary to think over and decide on the product sizes, to choose material, to prepare tools. The design of the most simple model of a bench consists of crossbeams, hay crops, a seat and legs. Having decided on parameters and a form of a bench, it is possible to start production:

At installation of many-tier designs the top circles should be done removable, and the lower regiments – stationary.

Single-tier designs of benches are used in small-sized rooms. These models have a mobile design for more convenient movement, repair and leaving. The locations of benches in bathing rooms should be thought over beforehand.