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Curbstones from the massif of wood are strong and eco-friendly. Similar samples cost, as a rule, rather much. Often supports from whole wood are created manually and decorated with a unique carving. Curbstones from a chipboard are simple and available. Supports are considered strong, but it is undesirable to put on them panoramic aquariums.

Materials for production of these elements of furniture by all means have to be moisture-proof. Frequent hit of liquid on a surface of a support will become the reason of that the basis of a curbstone vzbukhnt and will be ruined.

Carrying out a bedside table choice under an aquarium, it is necessary to take certain important aspects into consideration.

The cover can be plastic or is made of any other material.

Averages – here enter aquarian bedside tables of 70-80 centimeters. On similar samples it is convenient to place a vessel with a capacity of 120 l, and still options of aquariums of the same length and of 150 l.

The most part of producers observe the standard sizes of width and length, only height can be various.

The angular bedside tables entered in an unoccupied corner will be the suitable decision for the small room. They will not take away a lot of place, only the triangular aquarium will have some features of placement. Carrying out a product choice, do not forget that the aquarium should not be given for borders of a curbstone and hang over it is does not answer norms of use of the glass tank for small fishes.

The lion's share of supports are made for aquariums from a plate of MDF which not so strongly is afraid of moisture. Owing to abundance of impressive and color finishings the aquarian will be able always to choose the product which is especially gracefully fitting into the available style of an interior:

Curbstones under an aquarium: versions, choice, production, installation

It is better to buy a panoramic aquarium with a bedside table in couple – if to take separately there can be difficulties with search of the appropriate curbstone under such big vessel.

The design will be suitable both for angular, and for squared aquariums.

In compliance with dimensions, supports under an aquarium can be divided into the following groups.