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Benches for a garden are made of different materials, each of which has the pluses and minuses. So, their following types are widespread now:

So, for example, if you decided to create a bench in rural style from logs, it will be suitable only for a country house which is built from logs or different types of a wooden bar. The bench garden, made in the Victorian style, will perfectly fit into design of a traditional garden which can be broken on a country site.

Wooden designs are good that they are cheap, do not create at even at long sitting of feeling of cold, and also are simple in production and installation. From minuses it is possible to call tendency to rotting and weak resistance to serious mechanical influences.

Metal products usually happen welded or shod. Welded products it is simpler in production and cost not much relatively, but they create feeling of low cost while shod benches, on the contrary, are always associated with wealth and luxury. To pluses of metal it is possible to refer durability and reliability, and to minuses — predisposition to corrosion, need for periodic coloring, besides they have rather solid weight.

Wooden benches are made practically of any improvised wood though it is possible to get also a finished product. Upon their purchase it is worth paying attention to those goods which passed processing against burning and rotting. In that case they will serve to you rather long term.