Top 100 Arch Designs For A Screw

How to use a planer for the beginning diyer

Feet of a bench do, using the rectangles welded from a profile. Under a seat pass the crossing points welded on sidewalls giving to rigidity of a design.

Bench from a tree – the most available of course. Oak, Ash-tree, pine. It is desirable to fasten with bolts – nails get out and are stirred. It is possible self-tapping screws. Even before assembly it is necessary to zashkurit and process each board wood stain or a primer for a tree. The bench can be made figurative, and it is possible and to drive in the earth – half-meter depth there will be enough, an empty seat to fill in with concrete.

Profile pipe, in order to avoid traumatism, the smooth bend makes sense to bend and receive then to sheathe it wood. Especially this option is actual if at dacha small children have a rest.

The listed options do not cover all possible list of benches for giving, but give an idea that it is possible to collect from improvised materials, having shown a little ingenuity.