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The lower part of a bedside table, is closed from all directions, assembly of all product also begins with it. The lower box consists of the top and lower plates and of two sidewalls.

Option 1: laths 3 cm thick will be necessary for production of a frame and 6 — 7 cm wide. Two sidewalls connect cross-pieces so that the forward part of a bedside table remained open. Connection is carried out by means of thorns and eyes (openings for thorns).

Option 1. The frame is constructed from laths by width and at least 3 cm thick. But the top lath — because to it it is necessary to fix a folding cover — has to have width of 5 cm. This frame has three vertical parts, and also two cross-pieces one — top, another — lower.

Option 2. The frame described in the previous case is taken as a basis. However here load of a design will be more therefore it is recommended to use laths 2 cm thick and 6 — 8 cm wide. The top frame can be easier, it consists of two long and three short parts and after production is screwed on the main basic frame.

Some options are here too possible. Proceed from the sizes of the room for rest, from dimensions of that equipment which you need to place on a bedside table.