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How to make swing from wood Beginner's guide to make a kneeling chair

For a start, we will prepare boards and a bar of the necessary size. It is necessary to have 5 one-and-a-half-meter boards, 2 boards on 360 mm. and two — on 52 cm which then are sawn on 4 bars which we will use for fixing of legs and a seat. Two boards on 720 mm on which cuts become will be legs and the holder of a back. The cut boards are pared down for removal an agnail. Having removed fisk, it is necessary to make edges of boards and a bar smooth. Before installation of a country bench for extension of term of its service wood is processed by an anti-septic tank. For giving of the necessary shade it is possible to use color antiseptics.

Thus having waited when the first varnish coat dries, processing of a board is carried out by an emery paper and still becomes covered by a varnish twice, after drying it is possible to use a bench.

One of the most necessary subjects at dacha is the ordinary bench. On a bench it is pleasant to sit in a tenechka in hot summer day or in the evening at the end of day of work. Shops offer a wide choice of park, country benches, however there is a number of difficulties. First, the cost of such product quite high can also not suit quality. And secondly, there is a problem with delivery of a product to a country site.

At the final stage the fastening of legs of a bench for giving among themselves by means of installation of the lower cross-piece is carried out. Processing by their mastic will help to protect absorption by legs of rain moisture. For this purpose the bucket with protective structure is warmed on fire until mastic becomes liquid. Having turned a garden bench, the brush carefully processes legs on all surface. For full drying it is required to wait one days and only then further processing is carried out.