Tools For The Woodworking Beginner

11 beginner tips to make a solid cherry bookcase Wooden safe with armrest

The shop is rather simple in production, to make it will not make big work.

Simple bench: drawings, sizes, photo. How to make a simple bench the hands, step-by-step production of a bench with a photo.

In the same way we collect a back for a bench, we fix levels to back support, self-tapping screws it is twisted obliquely at first in support then in sitting levels.

In drawing drawings with sizes of details of a bench are provided.

In last article we already in detail considered production of a wooden bench from boards, this time we will also be engaged in production of a bench with a back, but the design of this bench will be a little simpler.

We insert the self-tapping screw into an opening and we twist the screw gun. Temporarily to record details we will use clamps.

To hide hats of self-tapping screws we will twist them from the inside of a bench, for this purpose in places of connections at first we drill openings with a diameter less than thickness of self-tapping screw, and already then we twist self-tapping screws.

From boards we saw off all parts for a bench according to, drawings, the sizes of a bench can be changed at discretion.