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Experts "Alptekhnology" have necessary qualification and permissions to performance of high-rise, installation, electric installation, repair and construction works.

As light sources in the clip-laytakh light-emitting diodes or bulbs are used. LED garlands differ in the durability increased by brightness and small energy consumption.

At small amounts of works cost can be corrected in an individual order.

Quickly and safely light registration of high trees specialists in high-rise works carry out. Use of technologies of a promalpinizm or lifting equipment facilitates process of installation of garlands on trees and columns.

Illumination of trees with the help the clip-laytov is especially well noticeable in evening and night time, but is not followed by the blinding effect. Besides esthetic advantages, light registration of trees has quite practical application, for example, lights and allocates the territory, adjacent to the building.

To create the New Year's atmosphere in a country house and on city streets it is not difficult. The feeling of the fairy tale will present festive decoration of fir-trees and trees. Especially effectively light registration by means of garlands and LED tapes looks.

For light registration of trees use the garlands called the clip-laytami. Represent the tight low-voltage garlands steady against influence of moisture, a frost, blows, difference of temperatures.