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The metal little table can decorate any interior. For example, to become decoration of kitchen in style hi-tech or an element of interior design of a penthouse. The dining table with shod legs can become fine addition of the dining room.

Pay attention: the table-top can be executed from a tree, glass, a stone, metal. Thus ways of fastening will be different. The easiest way of fastening of a table-top – glue, but too time, it not such reliable, as screws, self-tapping screws and bolts.

The table from metal not only is beautiful and esthetic, but also is very durable, functional, practical. Besides metal wares are not whimsical in leaving and for a long time keep the attractive appearance.

Such little table can have a different table-top – plastic, glass, wooden or metal. To connect parts the welding machine among themselves is used. The framework of a table can be made of the direct metal welded with each other (for example, pipes), the bent, welded metal, shod metal.

The table with a table-top from a stone will be suitable for installation on the street, for example in a country arbor, and indoors. It is better to use granite – it stronger and wearproof, than other stones (for example, the marble which is often used for tables).

Forging is an impact on hot metal by means of a hammer and an anvil or a bending of cold metal by means of a hammer and adaptations from the round hairpins welded on an equal surface.

Accept to sitting: to learn the sizes of metal which will be required for production of monograms, it is possible to use a usual rope which does not stretch. The rope measures each round and its size is transferred to metal

Hot forging gives an inconceivable flight of fancy and more exact can satisfy even the most courageous ideas, because it. Cold forging looks less esthetic.

The metal table can be made easily independently. The detailed instruction of production will be described in this article.

The ready table can be painted with ordinary painting paint on metal. If necessary additional boxes for tools are made of a tree.