Timberframed Swingset From Scratch Time

Ancient egyptian wooden lock from scrap hardwood

The sanitary hatch which will close a niche with a pipe. Usually this hatch represents the frame made of a corner, on it attach a metal door. Though such design will cost not much, but appearance of such furniture will not always be ideal.

Installation of shelves. At the final stage it is necessary to fasten loops and to hang doors. If on doors it is planned to paste a film, a tile and other materials, carry out such work to their installation.

Plywood. If indoors on walls the tile is laid, it is possible to take sheets of plywood as material. Then they are pasted over with the same tile which was used when laying walls. Plastic. Products from plastic often use in sanitary rooms as they are not afraid of moisture. Glass. It is possible to call glass cases more expensive material. If for production of a case use glass, it is necessary to polish well edges not to wound a hand. After polishing the edge of a product will be smooth. Metal. For production of furniture for sanitary rooms it is possible to take metal. Often metal wares use in rooms where style the loft is chosen.

Regiments with use of pseudo-blinds. On doors in such models do not use mobile levels therefore contents on shelves will be well aired.

Sanitary rooms in apartments often have the small sizes therefore there is a wish to use each centimeter of the area. The case in a toilet made the hands will become optimum option for storage of things. This ideal place for storage on shelves of various trifles. Here it is possible to put tools for repair work which for certain will be in the house, there will be a place and for other important subjects.

Product with compartment doors. For such design there is no need to create an occasional seat in order that it was possible to open a door. Such products can be hung up near a mezzanine.

Lockers with oar doors. Such models can be to have different design, the size. Its functionality and a practicality also will depend on a choice of the size of a design.

In small apartments there is often not enough place for storage of things. It concerns also sanitary rooms, in them quite often simply there is no place where it is possible to put conveniently detergents, toilet paper and other accessories. The case construction in a toilet will help to change this situation.