The Right Drill Bit To Pilot A Hole For A Mudroom

Bookcase design for small space Remodeling a bathroom for only 6 dollars

The idea is simple, as well as all ingenious – between two wooden boxes with the earth and flowers planted in it becomes a sound crossbeam for sitting – here and the full-fledged beautiful shop is ready and if to shift a design to a wall, and to sew to it couple of boards – the bench flower bed with a back will turn out.

Instead of a usual board it is possible to use a log cut if the site is made out in more naturalistic look. The wood covered with bark normally is processed by a varnish and beautifully thus looks.

If to make completely metal bench, it, first, will be too heavy, and secondly, in the summer on the sun will be heated, but it is possible to freeze to it in the winter.

As a support apply boards of identical thickness, and apply a bar to seats. The support can be executed also from hollow construction blocks, for example, of the French stone into which the bar making a seat is inserted. Previously sides pass it or an emery paper, or that it is even better and more beautiful, on a manual milling cutter the small rounding off is given.

You should not use a glossy varnish – yes, undoubtedly, shines, but wood loses a natural look therefore it is better to use an opaque varnish. Seats are fastened to legs by means of pins.

At registration of a country site in ethno style, apply a cut of logs as seats and support. As a back there is a trunk smaller, than drank under a seat, diameter. Not to exhaust to itself a splinter in hands and other places, front surfaces of a shop grind and cover with an acrylic varnish.

Country site – a place both for work, and for rest. And not to do without good bench, and the simple option can not fit into country surroundings. Rest is full if a seat makes a single whole with the surrounding pacifying landscape. There is a set of creative ideas how to equip a bench at dacha about what, with a photo examples and the speech within article will go.

Wooden boxes are short-lived and are afraid of moisture. Instead of them it is possible to put stone or concrete curbstones, in them in the same way to plant flowers. Beds of concrete can be bought, and to oshlifovat a board by means of the grinding machine and to cover with a varnish with own hand.