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Did not consider earlier that the manicurist — in general a profession. Also, as well as brovist, and makeup artist. Held the opinion that it is simple a hobby or, as a last resort, additional earnings. But so I still was never mistaken in the life! All this reached me only after I completed courses on the master of manicure pedicure. Everything so not easy appeared, is direct as the real training at school. Very abruptly and interestingly. Generally, as you already understood, all this tightened me and I started looking for a workplace. On it is wound found the announcement that the manicurist in my favourite salon is required!!! I there already know all girls and we perfectly get on. It was improbable good luck. Now I simply adore the work))

On solvency of clients it is visible that the country is in an economic crisis. Clients became less by half.

Is at me and a golden rule: it is impossible to be on friendly terms with clients. If we make friends, it will stop being my client. The very young colleague had a case when she made friends with the coeval. And then money for different additional services if they are friends began to arise misunderstanding, why one beret with another?! But the master even if wants to give to the girlfriend a discount, cannot afford it as works for the owner.

There are heavy clients. The usual gray mouse and when you take her hand in the comes into an office in appearance, understand that the person very heavy. An hour and a half with it you will keep silent and then all day badly you feel. And happens, very wealthy and influential women, but such lungs what is a pleasure to work come! There are also masterful men who very clearly show that you for them anybody, simply a service staff.