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Small woodworking projects for a screw Making a wooden safe with drawers

In any design from HL the main thing is an obreshetka, and a case not an exception. The corresponding characteristics of your sliding wardrobe directly depend on its reliability and geometry. Therefore at installation of a framework literally each its element is verified by construction level and fastens with the correct step.

First of all we are defined where the design what it will be dimensions will be located, how many it is supposed to make shelves, what sizes of the longest clothes is it is necessary to consider correctly to place a bar under a coat, jackets and dresses.

When all framework of the built-in case from gypsum cardboard is created, it is possible to pass to its covering.

However some restrictions can not be pleasant to potential users.

If you are not confused by an immovability of future furniture, and you are not going to keep in it sharp subjects, it is possible to start creation of the built-in sliding wardrobe from gypsum cardboard the hands.

Facing by plates of HL is carried out by a traditional way: sheets are cut out and fixed on a profile by self-tapping screws. Further we act so:

Before purchase of all necessary materials for a sliding wardrobe it is necessary to make the decision of what you will do a framework.

Our council: do not try to make doors or boxes independently if only you not the professional furniture maker — only spend time and materials, and as a result will remain with unsatisfactory result. Eventually, you already saved on a box of the built-in sliding wardrobe from gypsum cardboard, having made it the hands.

— relative low cost – we already mentioned the main advantage of cases from HL. However only pluses are not limited to it.