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Supports for aquariums, their versions and the rule of production

The horizontal sizes of a curbstone are counted usually concerning length and width of an aquarium. For example, if the table-top size usually or is equal, or it is a little more than a size of aquarium bottom, all design looks very accurately and attractively.

Many house handymen advise to build in a back wall between lateral, but not to impose it from above. The design will be stronger.

Table-top — very important element. It has to be strong, equal, waterproof. It will be better let she is more fat, than is thinner, especially it concerns big aquariums (from 150 liters and more). The chipboard 22-millimetric panel quite will be suitable for such weight.

Many masters try to create supports from wood, a chipboard, do quite good shod curbstones under an aquarium which externally look effectively and not bad are suitable for small tanks. But often inside the self-made furniture looks, as a big box which approaches as a reliable support under the heavy container filled with water a little. Besides an attractive look the curbstone under a round or rectangular aquarium has to meet several more major requirements.


Curbstone under an aquarium and everything that it is necessary to know about it.

Drawing. On the basis of these calculations the drawing with exact sizes of details becomes.

And put here in what: constant pressure, for example, of a 100-liter aquarium, on a support is so great that its surface can cave in over time, and even the insignificant deflection will surely cause breakage of a glass design.

Project. Similar work begins, of course, with the sketch and calculation of the sizes. At determination of height of a curbstone usually recognize that in an aquarium conveniently to watch life in a sitting position. Therefore, higher than 60-70 cm (taking into account height of legs) are inexpedient to do it.