The Best Brackets To Be A Woodworker

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The husband remade the old polished case, on a balcony it very harmoniously fitted in. Here only dark brown color conceals space. How to recolour it I do not represent, but it would be desirable in light shades, as on all photos in article.

Often the balcony is used for storage of a large number of various house utensils. That all this settled down as it should be, and the loggia looked attractively and accurately, is practical to equip the built-in cases on a balcony, convenient and capacious.

For production of a case on a balcony, and in particular its finishings, apply the material which is in harmony with the general interior or used at arrangement of surfaces of a loggia. The even glazed balcony has high humidity of air and wide range of difference of temperatures during various seasons. Selecting material for a case it is necessary to consider these aspects.

As a locker on a balcony sometimes use old, become unnecessary in the apartment, furniture. Often such subject of an interior has the bulky sizes which are not corresponding to parameters of the balcony. It will not be able to execute all necessary functions assigned to it because of small spaciousness or an inappropriate arrangement of shelves and boxes.

Arrangement of an angular case on a balcony will allow to turn any corners, unusual in a form, into convenient places for storage. On a photo the non-standard form of a corner issued as a case on a balcony: