Small Woodworking Projects For Father S Day

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For decoration of a modern garden it is possible to use plastic benches, and marble or stone will give to a landscape validity.

Kind of wooden furniture is the small folding bench which will not take a lot of place, but will always be near at hand.

Independent construction of a cheap sandbox for children in a country house.

The existing types of lawns at dacha. Correct landing of a country lawn independently and process of cultivation

What types of platforms for sport exist. Independent construction of a playground on a country site

For example, the garden in classical style will be perfectly decorated by shops from a tree and metal, and products from lacy forging will approach a romantic corner.

How to make cheap benches for giving the hands. Small small benches from a tree, metal and

Garden benches from a tree — the most widespread model which is preferred by summer residents and gardeners. The secret consists that they can be made completely of a tree or have concrete or metal legs, but the wooden top remains warm always and quickly dries after rainfall. On design such shops will approach any place, whether it be park, giving or a garden site.

One more look, less widespread, it is possible to call stone and concrete benches. They are done of different types of marble, granite, quartzite. They are very strong, durable and do not demand special leaving. As well as metal, they are stationary garden furniture because of the weight and have the same shortcomings. At production of benches from these materials it is necessary to remember that assistants will be necessary for their movement. Cost is quite high due to high cost of a stone, only products from a usual cobble-stone will cheap manage.

Despite refinement, benches from metal did not gain so wide circulation. They are heavy therefore have the small sizes, demand systematic anticorrosive processing. Such sitting in summertime become hot, and in the winter on them it is inconvenient to sit because of cold.