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Bedroom decor projects with only $100

For a portrayal of curves and bends again used various make-shifts.

I make cuts in a bathroom. My wife (I pay her tribute for a fair share of patience) had to reconcile with a thick layer of fragrant fir-tree dust on all toilet accessories.

Process of fitting without facades. We are convinced that rotation happens without any difficulties, even, in the presence of powerful freight.

At this stage, installation and construction works again had to be postponed until next weekends.

Our bathroom again underwent changes in a decorative covering aluminum dust this time (wood dust in a week was heroically liquidated by my second half).

As from within a window it is not possible to use a drill, it was necessary to drill an opening from below-up. Made a place for a hat of a furniture coupler manually (it was lucky that the fir-tree is rather pliable wood).

Now time came to use the part of a forward sidewall which is simply put for a while to a bed. I cut out the bottoms from plywood of 12-millimetric width and sidewalls for two boxes. For descriptive reasons, somehow made all this design together.

Quite so I originally imagined fastening of legs to the crib basis.

My imagination prompted to me to make here such shape of legs.

In one of sidewalls I cut a window which will bear rather technical function, than decorative. Thus, I am going to make fastening to a bed board.